Kelly In Motion

tortoiseshell cat with green eyes

Kelly in Motion

“I don’t have time to stop for a photo,” she says, then jumps five feet up and to the left onto the refrigerator to get a good look at the street.

Kelly is about 17 years old, and is without a doubt the most talkative cat I have ever known. She has a word for jumping up on something, another for jumping down, and a whole sentence for when she runs into the room, stops and tells me a story, then runs off still talking. And she never walks. The only time she is still is when she curls on my lap, and even then she is constantly adjusting.

Of course, when she’s testing a new piece of crochet work, she has to run it through its paces.

For all that, she is a shy kitty and tends to stay in out of the way spots along with being always in motion. Petite and slender with long legs and tail, Kelly has barely changed at all since she came to me, though I’m sure she’s increased her vocabulary.