three black cats


Any self-respecting spot of sun has to have a cat in it, right? How about three?

Here Mimi, Mewsette and Mr. Sunshine line up to catch the morning sun in their favorite room, the bathroom.

The sun has moved along, but Mr. Sunshine thinks he emits his own sunshine. He has something of an ego. He actually jumped up after Mewsette, who jumped up after Mimi, thinking perhaps there was some sort of a giveaway, then he sat there waiting for something to happen.

Mewsette followed her mom up there and they bathed each other for a bit.

But I know Mimi is thinking, “One spot of sun on a tiny little table all to myself and I still can’t get away from these kids.”

Photographing three black cats so they don’t look like one big lump of black fur is a challenge, to be sure, one reason I welcome the sun and left the walls in the bathroom white for reflecting.