Happy Birthday, Mom

black cat with green sparkle ball

Happy Birthday, Mom.

“From all of us to you, here is your birthday gift. My favorite green sparkle ball.”

Has Giuseppe learned the joy of giving and sharing something he treasures? I’d like to think so. Still, he probably knows the toy is useless to me without him and everyone else. That knowledge is a treasure to me, but for him it just means he’ll get his toy back in the end.



8 Comments on “Happy Birthday, Mom”

  1. Kids and cats…they work pretty much the same angle. For a few years running, my (then) very small daughter used to give me a little herd of tiny plastic lion cubs and other baby animals for my b-day. I think they came with some sort of gum. I always put them back among her toys, and they always re-surfaced come b-day time….Wishing you an equally happy, quirky b-day, Bernadette.

  2. animalartist says:

    Giuseppe is the most overly emotional kitty in the house–named for an operatic composer and the characters he wrote about, what can you expect? So it’s no wonder the gift-giving fell to him, he sat on my lap a lot of the day and I think he was trying to figure out what would be best. He does everything with all earnestness, so he could have given me a scrap of paper and it would have been just as heartfelt. Thanks, everyone! It was a good day.

  3. Mr Puddy says:

    Happy Birthday, Bernadette!
    You got a really cool gift !!! your kids are so sweet : )
    I hope you have a wonderful day : )

  4. Ingrid King says:

    Happy Birthday, Bernadette! What a generous boy Guiseeppe is!

  5. Marg says:

    Happy Birthday to Bernadette. How nice that Giuseppe offered you a mouse. Just what you always needed but that was so nice to have it offered to you. Hope you had a great day and many more to come. Enjoy.

  6. Sherry Black says:

    Giuseppe ‘knows’ it’s your birthday…I’d like to think he knows as well…

  7. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Today is my favorite niece’s birthday too!!!!! Hope you had an amazing day!!!

  8. I HAVE CAT says:


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