Little Orange Kitten

orange kitten

Orange Kitten

So I decided to see how an orange cat looked in all that mint green and white in the bathroom in addition to all those black cats.

Actually, he was staging a safe place under the spruce in front of my house, but was running back and forth across the street as my neighbor’s young children left for the bus stop.

I thought I saw movement under my spruce, not unusual, but I thought it was the squirrel. Then I realized the color was a cat, but there is at least one orange cat who visits regularly. Then I got a good look at the little guy and realized he was a senseless little kitten.

Then the parents decided to drive their kids and the kitten ran back and forth as the kids got in the car, my neighbor came out and the kitten ran across again and danced all over the porch and acted all kinds of friendly, then ran back, their car left and I ran out on my porch and called him in from under the spruce.

He ran over, ran back, hesitated a bit, but he was only playing. After all these years I’m pretty good at grabbing cats without warning and before they realize it, but I didn’t have to put on any special moves. He was nuzzling and purring in short order.

I’d guess he’s 10 to 12 weeks old, and he looks to be recently neutered, so he may also be a recent adoption. He still has his baby teeth and his tail has that slender pointed shape typical of kitten tails. He diligently used the litterbox first thing and has been eating up a storm, but kittens always do. It’s been wet and messy outdoors but he doesn’t look too dirty.

Does it look as if he’s made himself at home already? He is an absolute love, very affectionate and already loving a lap. I would guess he came from a home with young children judging by the way he ran after the neighbor kids.

I put signs up on the telephone poles, let the local police know, and posted him on the shelter websites. In a bit we will go to the vet to scan him for a chip. I’ll talk to the neighbor kids too. They always know all the animals.

In the meantime, he’s fun to visit in the bathroom. But, no, I don’t need an orange cat.

Follow his progress through my household:

Little Orange Kitten


An Update on the Little Orange Guy

So it’s “Captain Jack Sparrow”

A Christmas Message from Jack’s Family


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10 Comments on “Little Orange Kitten”

  1. Wonderful photo, Bernadette — this little guy already knows how to pose. But, then, orange cats are pretty magical in my experience.

  2. Jay says:

    Remember, you might not choose the cat but he can choose you.

  3. Ingrid King says:

    Oh my goodness, what a cutie! Look at the perfect “M” tabby marking on him! Love the crossed paws. He made himself right at home.

    You may not think you need an orange cat….

  4. Harry says:

    “And if I keep another one, then I don’t have room for emergencies. ”

    And yet… somehow, there is always room for one more, in an emergency.

  5. animalartist says:

    So are we considering a Halloween photo shoot already? The next step from black to tortie to orange? He is a real doll, just purred the whole way to the vet and charmed everyone in the office. Everyone handled him, poked and prodded to make sure he really was a neutered boy, held him like a baby, kissed him all over, he just took it all in. No chip. Signs are up, so I’ll see if I get a call.

    I’d hate to think of some young children who are missing their kitten. And if I keep another one, then I don’t have room for emergencies. So I do have an orange cat–for a while!

  6. Harry says:

    You didn’t *need* five black cats, neither… but they needed you! Besides, he’s too comfortable to disturb.

  7. I HAVE CAT says:

    “a senseless little kitten” – made me laugh! LOLOL!
    he is a DOLL! he is SUPER comfy! I think you have an orange cat Bernadette. I think he will look lovely against the backdrop of the black kitties 🙂

  8. Renee says:

    Oh-he’s unbelievable!! What a perfect compliment to the furry black backdrop you’ll provide him!

  9. omg he is adorable! I hope you are able to find who he belongs to…he is just precious…you may not need an orange cat but HE might just need YOU! 🙂

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