Excuse Me, Girlfriend?

black cat and tortie cat nose to nose

Mimi and Cookie

Cookie and Mimi actually get along just fine, but Mimi kept trying to: 1) steal the limelight as I was photographing The Goddess, and; 2) steal the catnip candy cane from under Cookie’s paws. This is a senior tortie we are dealing with, and a warning was enough for Mimi.

Cookie’s coloring looks odd because she is in full sun so her details are flashed out in order to get any detail in Mimi, who is in shadow. Why couldn’t they have been reversed?!

Animal Sympathy Cards and Pet Loss CD Featured in Post-Gazette

animal sympathy card

Tika, Therapy Dog

When Karen Litzinger let her community of followers know that she had lost her Tika a few weeks ago, and that she and I were offering a donation in Tika’s name through my Animal Sympathy Cards, Post-Gazette Pet Tales reporter Linda Fuoco decided to share the story of Tika and the collaboration between Karen and me.

We are both so honored to be featured in Pet Tales in memory of Tika, and I still treasure the opportunity to be able to work with Karen on her CD, Heal Your Heart. We’re hoping that the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, where Karen adopted Tika, and Animal Friends, where Tika’s Pet Therapy program was based, will get a sizable donation in her memory.

Pet Tales: Grief counselor copes with her own loss