An Update on the Little Orange Guy!

kitten with rubber band

He discovers a rubber band, or as his new mom says, "or for you Pittsburghers 'gumband'."

Apparently, he has accepted the home of his adoptive family as his own castle and himself as king of all who live there human and animal. What a character! He loves everyone, works on the three girl cats and bosses the—big—dogs around! I like the part where he chases the vaccuum cleaner.

Here are two updates from his new family—and thanks for the photos, guys!


Early morning:

Ohhhhhh, the little guy is so funny and the best temper! He wants to be friends with everyone. The dogs already love him. The cats are being, well, cautious. He’s actually smaller (not taller) than our pig. Keeping him seperate though. He favors Mark and Ian! They fell in love with him. Although he wants to be around whoever has an empty lap or something to play with.

kitten posing

"Yes, I am king of all I see."

Still debating names. We keep calling different ones to him, when we hold him, to get a reaction, so far he looks when “Louis” is called—with the French version. Who knows.

His stools have firmed up and he’s using litter just fine. Mark bought kitten food. And thinks we need to buy some more toys. He made him a scratch pad out of wood and an old piece of carpet. We took pics, but I need to get ready for work, so will post later.


Sara told Ian the kitten could be his special cat if he wanted, because she has three.

Later in the day:

I forgot how inquisitive little ones are. Our baby boy is into EVERYTHING! I love it. I came home from work to discover our son and the kitten napping together!!! This kitten was definitely meant to be part of our family. Still nameless, he could care less what names we are asking him to consider. I guess he has more important things to decided. Such as which dog, cat or guinea pig to attack. He just bounds up to someone and the look on his face is “you’re my friend, let’s play!” The older cats- Amber-Grace (9), Zoe (8) and Sophia (7), the later sisters, look at him as if to say “you little adolescent, can’t you see we’re the Queens of the house… now, off, go play with the mere dogs” Meanwhile Elle (12.5 and 115#’s) and Bailey (6 and 50#’s) are intimidated and whimper as if they aren’t sure what to do, so the dogs lick the kitten and he gently paws at their noses.


Well, our little baby boy is such a sweetie!!! He was MOST interested in the vacuum today, not just chasing the chord, but chasing it as I was vacuuming. He however won’t acknowledge any sort of name we keep asking him about. In the past we would always say names to each of our pets and they would at some point twitch their ears or some kind of acknowledgment, but not this guy. So obviously these humans are too dim witted to realize what he considers his name to be.

kitten with guinea pig

Observing the guinea pig.

The dogs and he are in love with each other, and he realized that the guinea pig is not of any benefit to him other than watching. I held each and let them sniff noses, and that was it. End of story. The same with the fish, visual amusement, but not enough to keep going back.

Ohmygosh can he race up and down the steps! Today he discovered how to jump in the front windows and see more birds. However, he is far too interested in comparing whose bed is more comfortable. We keep him in our room/bathroom when we are not home, when someone is home… he’s following us around and making friends with his housemates. We groomed him, and he didn’t mind having his nails trimmed. He is just the happiest, most joyful little guy and seems to want to know anything that is going on!! He found the other cats litter boxes and promptly left his little present to the girls. The one cat we thought would be mama-hen is jealous, the sisters are more open… Just the opposite than we thought. And the dogs let him play with their tails and snuggle close.Ian is just enthralled with the kitten—he tries to act so cool and nonchalant, however, if no one is looking…. he is the biggest animal lover in the world. I took a pic of him and the kitten sleeping together.

orange cat sleeping on desk

After a hard day as a kitten.


Just for reference, Ian is a “cool” 19, but he’s a cat guy at heart! Sara is 17 and loves any animal that exists.

I also noticed the little guy’s new mom changed her profile picture to one of him. Could there be a happier adoption? And could I be more pleased that I was the conduit to have found this kitten and gotten him safely to the family he was apparently meant to be with?

This is the kitten who a week ago was running around on a rainy street trying to get someone’s attention, but he was truly on a mission. I can’t wait to see what great things come of him. It’s strange that no one has yet called, though I left the signs up. It’s their loss!

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6 Comments on “An Update on the Little Orange Guy!”

  1. animalartist says:

    This little interlude with the Orange Kitten, or OK as I’ve begun referring to him, has been such a joy. Not only has he made me and his new family very happy, he’s also made a lot of people around the internet happy!

  2. I am so glad that this little guy found his furever home!!! His new parents sound in complete awe of him and that is as it should be!! You are the best for helping the way that you did!

  3. Connie says:

    happy endings like this keep me doing what I do. I wish more people would share.

    Congrats little “no name” on what sounds like a perfect home

  4. ihavecat says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH For the very entertaining and well written update on “louis”! I’m so happy he is so loved and you are an amazing person for stopping and noticing him Bernadette. LOOK HOW YOU CHANGED HIS LIFE!!! xoxox

  5. Kimberly Helgeson says:

    Thank you for posting! What a little fireball!!

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