So it’s “Captain Jack Sparrow”

orange kitten

Someone is always holding Captain Jack!

Personally, I think a pirate captain’s name is entirely appropriate for a kitten who swaggered into several lives and took them over! His name was “Jett” for a day or two, but you’ll see the change when you get to the end of this post.

The new family has a final report for the end of the first week:

Well, our little love bug is doing just fine. He has the speed of a jet airplane, zooming up and down the steps, running all over the house. We’ll think he stopped and sat down someplace, and now he’s zooming off to his next destination. So my husbans came up with the name of Jett, aka Jetter-boy.

Jett immediately and subsequently responded to this name, whereas before he ignored every name we asked him about! His looks were like come on you mere humans get with it and figure out my name! With “Jett” he began strutting around.

Jett has his official napping spots, on a very old antique chair situated to be able to sit and look out onto the deck and watch the numerous birds and squirrels eating. The three girl cats have never napped on this chair- never. That’s the daytime nap. We call it ” King Jett’s Throne”. Afternoon-Evening time is on a old chair in the family room, where Jett can visit with Jack (our guinea pig). And Jett’s nightly sleeping spot is officially my son’s bed. Now, all humans have a cat sleeping with them.

The other morning I was in the twilight aura of waking up, I had a pillow over my head and cuddled under the warm covers….. but lo and behold…. and I’m BARELY conscious and all of a sudden this little Jett jumps on the pillow over my head, gets himself settled, and then…. there’s this paw sloooooowly reaching over my head, slowly making its way down to my face, and bam it attacks my nose. Followed by a full face looking down to me, as if to ask the question “what’s going on and why are you not awake yet!” OK! I’m awake now. Jett realizes this, and proceeded the do a forward flip, into a back roll and back up to patting my nose! Then he got all comfortable and decided to lick my nose… I know, I know… awwwwww!!

Jett was so pleased with himself, that he sat himself down next to me as if to say “look what I did- I woke you up!!!!” Then he realized we had not gotten out of bed yet (the alarm had another 10 minutes to go off) so with Jett’s sense of timing, he decided his best course of action would be to not so subtlety sneak under the covers and take a nap between us! At his most comfortable curl up! Ok, can we humans say “positive reinforcement?????”

Jett has fully weaned himself off of the upstairs makeshift litter and feeding bowls, to join the 3 girls down in the laundry room where their meals and litter are kept. He loves being first cat in after we do our daily cleaning and feeding. And the three girls cats must have their own time with Jett too. Seriously!

Jett is also an extremely social cat. He has to be in the middle of all of us, taking part, in the way, and thoroughly enjoying himself. He is inquisitive of EVERYTHING! Nothing escapes his attention.

Jett -Joy has brought so much joy to our family of humans, dogs, cats, guinea pig, and fish- maybe. Ok, whatever.

This evening Jett and Jack the guinea pig sat on the chair sniffling each other. Neither realized who hunter vs. prey was suppose to be. They were fine. To be on the safe side, that would only happen under adult supervision. Rule #1: No eating other family members.

Jett, is a complete joy to have joined our home. He was just one of those animals that we knew was just meant to be with our family. We frequently say no to others, but once in a while, there’s that special animal that “speaks to you” and you meet each other , lock eyes and you know it is right for all involved.

I’ll keep you posted as he matures.

Jett is the sweetest of sweethearts! We’re honored to have him join our family! It has been a good fit!

Ok, ANOTHER name change: Captain Jack [Sparrow]. Jett just wasn’t working. He is such a sweetie!! 🙂 And still chasing the vacuum.

So what else do you say about the little kitten who came from nowhere and brought little bits of happiness to so many lives? Where did he come from? How did he happen to be in my front yard? And how did he so quickly connect with the family who loves him as if he’s always been with them? I’ve been so happy to share this whole process, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the audacious little orange kitten who found his forever home! Sounds like a children’s book to me!

Follow his progress through my household:

Little Orange Kitten


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So it’s “Captain Jack Sparrow”

A Christmas Message from Jack’s Family


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  4. Anonymous says:

    This is some kind of cat. With the power he has over you guys, it’s too bad he can’t runfor political office.

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