two black cats in red cat cube

What did we ever do without the cat cube?

Giuseppe and Mr. Sunshine cuddle inside the red cat cube.

It never ceases to amaze me how these two—or any two of these four—can be totally involved in a fur-flying, knock-down, drag-out fight one minute, then cuddling and bathing each other the next. I guess they have these things figured out…

Block-printed Aprons

two ladies wearing aprons with cats

The Tortie Girls aprons make their debut, modeled by Maggie and Diane!

When it comes to the handmade goods you see on the internet and at shows and festivals, did you ever wonder how the artist developed that item from an idea into a product you can purchase? The path is often less than direct, but most people who make things have the incentive of sharing what they’ve made with people who would enjoy it.

Over on Portraits of Animals Marketplace, I tell the story of developing just these aprons, with a modicum of success! Two good aprons for sale, four to use as “product testing”.

Still, I got my feet wet, one of my favorite activities literally and metaphorically, and now I know what direction I want to take with the blank aprons, ink and the hand-painting.

Read the article and see the photos of my mistakes! Oops, no such thing as a mistake in this business…