NEEDED: Oxygen Concentrator for a Dog



Crawford is an 18 year old dog with a collapsing trachea. He can greatly benefit from the use of a concentrator.

Please notify if you know of one that can be purchased second hand at a reasonable price.

These are often used when humans have a home oxygen service as it can take room air and concentrate the oxygen in it for those who need oxygen for respiratory issues. The same equipment can be used for an animal.

Crawford’s mom and dad are good friends of mine. Please spread the word.

25 Comments on “NEEDED: Oxygen Concentrator for a Dog”

  1. james says:

    I have a couple for reasonable prices.

  2. crawford's mom says:

    oops.. i left the last message for kevin without indicating that this is me.. crawford’s mom…. please know that…
    ~ marsha

  3. Anonymous says:

    oops.. i left the last message without you knowing that this is crawford’s mom…. please know that…

  4. Kevin R. Mccabe R.N. says:

    Hi animalartist, I googled for a pet o2 concentrator and came upon Crawford. I am looking for an oxygen concentrator for my Great Dane, “Damon”. He has CHF and is on diuretics and spironolactone and he is having periods of SOB. When he has these episodes he is looking at me for help, and I can”t do anything, so, I am seeking a used concentrator for Damon. Any ideas on where I can find one would be helpful. Also, I just wanted to say that using an 02 conc., you need to make sure the LPM is not too high, if the 02 level in the blood gets too high it can cause respiratory arrest. Have a great dane day! Kevin

    • animalartist says:


      Crawford’s mom found one though I’m not sure if it was from her craigslist post or the grapevine, but we posted it everywhere we could think of. She’s a vet tech, so she’s accustomed to the settings animals need for these. As an RN I’m sure you know they are often purchased by people using home oxygen and sometimes you will find them on craigslist or in the want ads, and sometimes you can just do a web search for one and you’ll find it, though it may be across the country! Good luck with Damon, and if I hear of one I’ll let you know.

    • Anonymous says:

      where do you live? if you are anywhere near sw pennsylvania, i can give you the contact information for where i got mine. i found it after placing a craigs list ad that was responded to by a man who refurbishes used units and sells them. he first got into this because he was concerned about all the uninsured folks in his rural part of the world. he said that i was the first person to purchase one for a dog. on my concentrator, as i guess is the case with human ones (i am familiar mostly with veterinary anesthesia machine), it can be set for 1-5 lpm. i also have devised a fairly functional mask out of a cottage cheese container that fits his cavalier spaniel face quite well. i am very happy i got the concentrator – we don’t need it that often, but when we do, it has been amazing. good luck to you. please let me know if i can offer any other help.
      … and for all the folks who offered kind words and support, the old man continues to do well. he is currently napping and waiting for the sun to go down so that he can emerge from air conditioning and go for his walk/stroller ride. we haven’t needed to use the oxygen for about 2 weeks now. he remains a happy, comfy spaniel.

  5. animalartist says:

    Marsha, I think we all need to see a photo of Crawford in the stroller…

    • Crawford's mom says:

      it’s coming…. i also need to take a photo of him licking the peanut butter out of the makeshift oxygen mask. (peanut butter keeps his face in the mask) photos to come soon. the old boy is doing fine and appreciates all this attention….

  6. Roxanne says:

    Oh, I am so glad that you found one for Crawford! I am sure he must know how much you love him. My cats and I are sending you and Crawford positive thoughts and prayers.

    • Crawford's mom says:

      Roxanne,Bernadette, and everyone else… thank you all so much. We are adapting quite well. He is getting used to the machine by degree. He is learning that the mask is a wonderful thing to put on his face because he can lick peanut butter from the insides. He also is enjoying his “stroller walks” around the neighborhood. We have an old stroller that he does a “ride-walk-ride stroll around the neighborhood. Crawford is quite happy and comfortable. I will certainly keep folks updated via Bernadette.
      – marsha

  7. Crawford's mom says:

    We got a concentrator tonight. Just got in from a drive to Somerset county. Nice and refurbished. This is a huge weight off of my shoulders. Thanks to everyone who helped and offered kindness, support and good wishes.

  8. Crawford's mom says:

    Thanks to all who commented. I do have this on my facebook page and I have put a posting on CraigsList. This is the very same thing that a human would use – it converts the ambient air to oxygen. We would then use the tubing that a person would normally breath from and place it into a draped/covered crate to make an oxygen tent for him. This does not have to be portable. I have checked Freecyle history and they are not that common there, and they tend to go fast. The good news is that he does not currently need it very much. Crawford was just diagnosed two days ago with an x-ray – after what appeared to be seasonal allergy wheezing got a bit extreme. As I type this, Crawford is on the back porch, remaining calm. The problem come in when he wants fed, or generally wants to be active (yes, he is still very active at his age and doesn’t understand why we are keeping him restricted.) That agitation can bring on some panting, that needs to be calmed down. He is being treated by a wonderful vet and we just want to keep him as healthy and happy for as long as we are able. Thanks all again for the suggestions and the support.

    • animalartist says:

      If Crawford managed to get to be 18–with the help of a wonderful mom, of course–then we can do our best to see about helping him to keep going since he obviously thinks he should. I passed this along to a few friends in human health care, so we’ll see if one turns up. In the meantime we’ll all visualize Crawford taking it easy!

  9. animalartist says:

    Thanks guys, I think the notice might already be out on FC and craigslist, but I’ll pass it along.

    I believe it can be any oxygen concentrator, portable or otherwise, though the portables are smaller, and I’m fairly certain they can be used with human or animal. My mother had a series of these both at home and in the personal care home for use when she was in her room so she didn’t need to carry the portable oxygen tank, and she used it while she slept. You can attach a mask or cannula to it, and I think you can even use it with a small oxygen tent. They are usually rental items from a company that supplies oxygen and medical supplies. You just never know where things will turn up.

  10. Roxanne says:

    Also — do your friends want a Portable Oxygen Concentrator, or just (any) Oxygen Concentrator?

  11. Roxanne says:

    Does the Oxygen Concentrator have to be a special kind for a canine? Or will any Oxygen Concentrator do?

    I, too, thought of FreeCycle and have posted a request for one, just in case.

    • Crawford's mom says:

      Roxanne, thank you so much for your kindness. On behalf of my wonderful old spaniel man, and the rest of his family, all your help is appreciated.

  12. MyKinKStar says:

    What a sweet face! I hope you have contacted any makers of this type of equipment! They might have something that’s not state-of-the-art, but still functional and able to do the job for the old boy to keep him comfortable. It wouldn’t hurt to contact any and every vet in your area too, as well as any elder or extended care homes, who might have something not being used. Don’t forget to post on FreeCycle in areas as far as you’ll willing to drive to/from! Best wishes to Crawford and his family. PurrZ!

    • Crawford's mom says:

      Yeah, he is a sweetie! I am fortunate to be a vet tech and have among my friends some great vets and techs… sadly, this is not something a vet has any ability to assist with. They can write a prescription for the machine to be filled at a medical supply pharmacy and then we can buy one outright or rent one for about $100 per month. The respiratory therapist staff at Blackburn’s Pharmacy were wonderful and helpful, but no one seems to be offering anything reduced or reasonable. I am already thinking that whatever I get for Crawford will always be available to anyone else who might need it in the future. I’d hate to think of anyone going through this experience. I haven’t checked with skilled nursing /care facilities, but I have a friend who is a retired private duty nurse who has connections to nursing facilities. She is checking into it.. thanks again for the suggestions and the kind words and purrs.

  13. Crawford's mom says:

    Thank you so much for helping put this plea out. It means so much to us to keep the old man comfortable as his health becomes more challenging. Thanks in advance for sharing this so that we might find a concentrator soon.

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