Small Feral Colony Needs Rescue in Mt. Lebanon

cat in outdoor colony

One of the Mt. Lebanon cats.

A link to this e-newsletter was passed on down the line to me from friends in FosterCat. A kind and generous person has been caring for a group of outdoor cats but is moving and isn’t sure if they’ll survive without the assistance of a human.

I’ve also seen small colonies like this be cruelly punished just for existing by new neighbors who don’t understand why stray cats are hanging around in their yard.

With the help of the current residents the cats will have an all-expense-paid trip to their new home if someone can take them.

The notice says:

Can you help before their caregiver moves away?

A kind older woman named Judy has been caring for a small colony of community cats in Mt. Lebanon. These four or five free-roaming cats have come to depend on her to feed them.  But now she’s moving to Florida, and there’s nobody to take her place.

Judy, and her friend, Vanne, are worried that the cats won’t be able survive on their own after their caregiver moves away.  So they’re reaching out to fellow Best Friends members in the area to ask for your help. They need to find a safe haven for the cats with someone willing to be their new caregiver. And they need cat-savvy people to trap and relocate the kitties as soon as possible.

If you can provide these community cats with a new place to live and/or help with trapping and relocation, the two friends and the cats would all be forever grateful!  Vanne has even offered to pay expenses for trapping, moving and caring for the cats, so they’ll be safe.

But time is running out…If you can offer any assistance, please call Judy at 412-343-9060 (cell) or 412-343-9060 (home) before May 5.  Anytime after May 5, please call Vanne at 561-685-6118.

Thank you for caring and for everything you do for the animals. Every act of kindness brings us one step closer to a world with No More Homeless Pets®.

We see these notices every day about cats in peril, but I rarely see one so close to home—this is honestly about five miles from me (I live in Carnegie, which is about six miles from downtown Pittsburgh, PA). If I could help, as in temporarily fostering or even taking in a colony to a protected place, I’d do it, but aside from that I’m out of order for taking in new adult cats.

And this kitty is absolutely gorgeous—a flame-point mix? You can tell the caretakers took very good care of them.

Here is a link to the e-newsletter, which is from Best Friends Animals Society: Can you help before their caregiver moves away?. If you can help with these cats, please contact Best Friends through the links in the e-newsletter, or call the phone numbers in the e-newsletter.

And please share, even if you’re nowhere near here.