A Sunny Afternoon Spot

four black cats on bed in the sun

Sleepy in the Sun

I wondered why I was alone at my desk. I went upstairs, and look what I found on my bed. What is my company compared to a quiet, sunny spot on a soft bed in the afternoon?

I just melt when I see them all together in tranquil settings like this. They may awaken and look at me with sleepy expressions, a little purr, a little bath for one another, then go back to sleep. They love each other so much, and I deeply appreciate their bonds with each other, their fusion as a group.

I do my best to join their warm little world, storing up information for a future painting or poem. What was the color of the sun on the bedspread? Who had the most mahogany in their fur? Didn’t the green leaves from the maple tree reflect into the shadowed areas of the white bedspread? Was the room warm? Could we hear the birds? Was there a whiff of lilacs?

This is only four; Giuseppe was in the cat cube, which yesterday was in the kitchen.