That’s Our Mom

four black cats at the door at night

Mimi, Mewsette, Giuseppe, Jelly Bean watch me at the door at night.

“Where’s mom? I thought I heard her come inside.”

“You did. She went back out.”


“She came in and got her camera.”

“Oh, no, now we won’t see her all night!”

“She didn’t go far.”

“That’s her, out in the street with her tripod, isn’t it? She’d better be careful! Doesn’t she know humans can’t see as well as cats? It’s dark out there! Someone could hit her!”

“I’m sure she knows the shortcomings of humans, that’s why she lives with us.”

“She takes chances all the time anyway, she knows what she’s doing.”

“What’s she photographing at night?”

“I think I see the edge of the moon from under the porch roof, I’ll bet that’s what she’s photographing.”

“Sister Moon does indeed look lovely tonight. I was looking at her from the upstairs window.”

“When she comes in, do you think we can fool her into thinking she didn’t feed us dinner?”

“Can’t hurt. If she’s happy with her photos she just might feel like giving us a treat even if we don’t ask.”


“Kelly, for an old lady you’re a real stoner!”

“I want some of those treats she gave us the other night after she couldn’t find Mr. Sunshine.”

“You know, other humans give their cats treats all the time. When we were at the vet and woke up in those cages with a new outlook on life, one of the other cats back there said his mom gave him treats several times a day.”

“And he was built like the groundhog, and waddled like him too.”

“And he was in there because he couldn’t pee, and I heard them telling his mom not to give him any more treats because that was what did it.”

“Well, we girls don’t have to worry about that.”

“Look, here she comes! Everybody run around! Make sure she knows we’re glad to see her!”

photo of new moon

Sister Moon

Big Yawn

photo of yawning black cat in flowers

A Big Yawn

By the way, I did catch Mewsette in a big yawn during the photography stakeout last Thursday.