Living With Your Grown-up Children on Mother’s Day…

one black cat washing another

Mewsette has to lean WAY down for Mimi to clean her up around the ears.

Well, I did enjoy having children until I moved here and saw the light—with a little help from my human mom, of course—but they always went away when I was done with them. Now it appears I’m stuck living with them for the rest of our lives. Sometimes they are so needy…

Of course, at other times, children are a comfort, and I couldn’t imagine my life without these four. Perhaps I now understand why humans tend to keep their children around for such a long time, and why they keep coming back.

Remember, you’re never too big for a little touch-up from your mom, but you can also use a little help from your children.

Happy Mother’s Day to all who are mothers!

one black cat washing another

Mewsette returns the favor.

As the mother of all those kittens, and saved from a life of reproduction, Mimi has a few things to say about the benefits and drawbacks of being a feline mother. Read Mimi’s annual Mother’s Day address“Mimi, on “Mother’s Day”.

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