Building Memories

black and white photo of cat curled on deck with shadows

Stripes on Stripe, photo © B.E. Kazmarski

Today’s photo of Mr. Sunshine’s big yawn reminds me of other black and white photos of my cats, and also that even as I enjoy their presence today I am building a memory bank of images of each of them, of all of them, to keep always.

One of the ways I cherish my cats while they are alive, and remember them when they’re no longer with me, is to celebrate their image in art and photographs. This is especially true of the cats who lived with me long ago, before I was actively creating every day and still searching for my creative voice. These are the ones who led me to the level of visualization where everything becomes art but I can focus on what inspires me most, which is usually that which I love best.

But the best are when they are enjoying the sunshine, inside, outside, any way, my cats in the sun will always be an inspiration; three of my black and white favorites, shot with black and white film years before digital cameras, are Stripes on Stripe, Late in the Year, and Sally Silhouette.

Read more about these photos, and these cats, on Portraits of Animals Marketplace.

A Righteous Yawn, With Lots of Whiskers

black cats on bed

A big yawn.

I’d give a big yawn too if I was lazing in the sun on my bed in the middle of an afternoon.

I just loved the way Mr. Sunshine’s whiskers caught the light, the compositions of dark and light in large soft areas and the clarity of that detail.

In this case, the colors in the photo were distracting from the composition, so I desaturated it and made it a black and white image.