A Busy Day at Work

two tortoiseshell cats greet person

Morning Greetings.

It began in the morning with the boys slacking off in an after-breakfast nap so the senior torties had to take over the greeting detail at the door when a customer came in. Kelly waits her turn as befits a less-senior tortie, but it’s a big step for a kitty who used to vaporize when a human other than Mom approached (even Mom sometimes if she was moving too fast).

Every human has to be approved before they can approach Mom. This guy has been dropping off work for about ten years so he was okay.

Then Big Brother showed up and while Mom finished up with a conference call Jelly Bean made the most of his visit. Mark has big hands and they can cover a lot of a kitty at one time, but he knows just how to scratch a kitty’s back too.

black cat being petted

JB nearly stands on his toes for his back run.

A little later in Mark’s visit he sat down again and Giuseppe, a little less brash than Jelly Bean in his approach, tried to make it look as if he needed some pets as well.

black cat lying on his side

Giuseppe wants a belly rub.

Then it was naptime all over again, Giuseppe settling down first, and Mr. Sunshine on top of him, necessitating Mom’s mid-afternoon break since she couldn’t work with the boys all over her papers (she moved them, but they came right back).

two black cats on desk

The boys command my work area.

After their turn came Jelly Bean who is a little smaller and useful for holding papers.

black cat under papers on desk

Jelly Bean can make himself comfortable anywhere.

And finally, Cookie, exhausted, settled where she’d make the most impact.

tortoiseshell cat sleeping on desk

Cookie is exhausted after a day of work.

How much work do you suppose I got done today?