Scratch Me Here

black cat with white spot

"Scratch Me Here"

Jelly Bean prominently displays his “scratch me here” spot.

He is the only one of the Family of Five who has a significant spot on his chest, as is common in cats of a solid color or markings elsewhere on their bodies. Giuseppe has a little loose row of white hairs like a little necklace, Mewsette has a small collection in a group on her chest and Mr. Sunshine about six white hairs scattered on his chest, though he does have a little white pouf on his belly. Mimi has none.

Jelly Bean the Jellicle Cat

Jelly Bean the Jellicle Cat

JB’s isn’t really a spot, it’s more like a smudge, as if it got smeared at some point in his development. When he was a baby it looked like a clerical collar; at that time his name was still “Rodolfo” after the male lead in La Boheme so I called him “Father Rodolfo”. He was still a baby then!

black cat bathing on bed

Don't Look!

What you can’t see unless Jelly Bean decides to let it all hang out is his little white Speedo on his belly; alternately, I call this his “thong” or his “diaper”, depending on my mood. No matter, The Bean is unendingly cute. I don’t know how he got to be so cute, but I figure his white spots have something to do with it.

You can click on the photos and read more about him.

Urgent: Can You Foster a Mom and Three Kittens?

mother cat and kittens

Tabby mom with tabby babies

Meet tabby Momcat and her three lovely tabby children! She’s looking for a nice foster home where she can raise her children and stay until all are adopted with assistance from FosterCat. We need to know ASAP.

Right now she’s at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, but the shelter is already full of kittens—and they are taking in 50 to 60 cats EACH DAY! Please help to take the burden off an open door shelter. See if you can fit a frightened mom and her curious kids into your home for a couple of months with the guarantee that you’d have assistance helping them find homes.

fostercat logo

FosterCat Inc.

This mom cat would be fostered through FosterCat, which would also handle all the adoptions. She and her kittens would NOT be returned to WPHS in order to allow the cage space for more needy cats.

If you can foster, call Clare Collins, (412) 352-2886 (cell number).

If you can’t foster but would like to help, make a tax-deductible donation to FosterCat,, or the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, This donation goes directly to helping both organizations take care of homeless cats and other animals by paying for veterinary care and food which is in urgent need right now during “kitten season”.

If you missed the chance on this mom and kittens but can foster other cats or kittens, please contact FosterCat,, the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society at visit or call Chris Whyle, 412.321.4625, x 221 or your local shelter.