Milan and Felix

two cats outdoors

Milan and Felix enjoy the afternoon.

Meet Milan and Felix, two very lovely kitties I’ve recently had the pleasure to meet, though in a way I’ve known them for years. I spent a while with them and their mom and their doggie sister the other day while working on a special project. Both were rescues, one literally from the streets of the neighborhood. You just never know where you’ll find a good cat!

You’ll be hearing more about them soon.

7 Comments on “Milan and Felix”

  1. […] I was back for a visit with this customer when I included the portrait of her cats Milan and Felix in the exhibit at my book signing because they are included in Great Rescues. As I studied and […]

  2. […] Milan and Felix‘s mom and dad won’t be able to attend, but I’ll be able to show the portrait of these two wonderful rescued friends. […]

  3. Marg says:

    They look like two nice guys and we are always glad to hear about kitties that were rescued. We also love those tabby cats.

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