Kelly Is “In”

tortoiseshell cat on desk

Kelly is "in"

Kelly has changed tasks from paperweight kitty on the desk to paperweight kitty in the bin.

Or perhaps she is telling me that paying some attention to her is on the top of my agenda.

The “in” bin is always a favorite nap spot. Lately, however it’s been pretty full but that doesn’t stop Kelly from piling her slender self on top and letting her long legs and tail dangle over the edges.

I am working on several organization projects in addition to regular work, artwork and design for myself, and letting my desk get fantastically cluttered until it’s time to sort through all the stuff and clear it away. It’s been fun to watch the progress, and the cats make themselves at home on top of whatever is there. Now and then they slide off with the goods when one of the piles gets too unstable, but just about any cat can drape itself over something and keep it in place.


orange cat on wood floor


How’s this for a color-themed kitty? Riley is another rescue kitty I’ve met in the past few weeks. After an early life outdoors he now lives in a lovely remodeled home with three other rescued kitties, a few outdoor kitties who come to eat and take shelter, and two big-hearted humans.

More about Riley and his feline siblings—and his humans—a little later! In the meantime, enjoy his orangeness!

Animal Friends “Overwhelmed with Awesome Cats”

According to a report from Animal Friends, here are the types of awesome feline purrsonalities filling their shelter:

  • Lap cats
  • Feline comedians
  • Kid-friendly cats
  • Cats who like dogs
  • Cat-friendly cats
  • Beauty queens
  • Strong silent types (with an independent streak)
  • Spooners and snugglebugs
  • Charismatic cats
  • Shy sweethearts
  • Polite roommates (who will always greet you at the door)
  • Four-legged soul mates
  • Playmates
  • Confidants (who will never tell your secrets)

And not only are they awesome, but they are priceless, too! From June 1-30, Animal Friends is waiving our requested adoption donation for cats aged 2 and up with special deals on younger cats.

  • Felines aged 2 years and older: Priceless!
  • One or two felines aged 24 weeks-2 years: $75
  • One or two kittens aged 24 weeks and younger: $100

Each cat has been:

  • thoroughly examined by our medical staff
  • is current on all appropriate vaccinations
  • has been FIV and FeLeuk tested
  • has been spayed or neutered
  • is “microchipped,” or implanted with a small identification chip that can help to get him back home should he get lost

animal friends logoBefore meeting with a cat, you will be asked to fill out an application. Click here to apply online now!

Weekends at Animal Friends are bustling, but adoptions tend to be much slower on weekdays. If you’re able to visit us Monday through Friday, you’ll enjoy the quickest service!

And now the kitties can come to you—or at least to your computer. Sign up for Furry Fridays and you’ll receive an e-mail about an adoptable resident every Friday. Read and share with others who may be interested in adopting!

Animal Friends’ Priceless Cat promotion is made possible by a grant from Arm & Hammer.