About That Bird Book

two cats with bird book

Jelly Bean and Giuseppe return the book to me.

Jelly Bean and Giuseppe reluctantly return the bird book to me and tell me I’ve been spending too much time with it.

They don’t know I forget the names of some of the less common species and need to look them up every year. They are not convinced. I put the book in the case with the doors again. What next?


Help Animal Friends With a Cat Hoarding Rescue

Carrick rescue kitten

As if the overflow of kittens and cats isn’t enough during kitten season, Animal Friends in Pittsburgh on June 10 rescued over 30 cats from a house that was subsequently condemned in Carrick, PA. They couldn’t trap and remove all the cats on the first pass—the house was boarded up but humane agents had access to continue their efforts to remove all the cats.

All the cats were dehydrated, malnourished, flea-ridden and affected and infected with various conditions and illnesses internal and external. Two of the cats were actually in labor. All were treated by Animal Friends’ veterinarians, though a few needed to be hospitalized for various conditions.

animal friends logoBypassing any comment on the disaster of hoarding, a situation like this puts a huge strain on the finances, cage space and staff of any shelter already overburdened with too many cats and kittens who need medical care and homes. Animal Friends is a no-kill shelter and cage space is dear. Consider a donation to Animal Friends to help cover the costs of this rescue, or consider fostering a cat or two to allow more space in the shelter.

Read about the rescue and how you can help here, an article that includes video and photos: Animal Friends.