What, you’ve never seen a cat eat lettuce before?

black cat eating lettuce

Mewsette enjoys one of her favorite snacks.

With a true carnivore’s eye, Mewsette pulls and chews at her favorite snack, leaf lettuce.

black cat with lettuce bowl

Mewsette the innocent carnivore.

She doesn’t just taste it as my cats will sometimes do with something I’m eating, sniffing and acting interested, trying to like it even though they aren’t really interested. I have no idea how she knows it’s available. It’s not like a can being opened or a bag rattling…or the package of soda crackers, another of Mewsette’s favorite odd snacks. After all, I open the refrigerator all the time, taking the lid off the bowl makes no noise, nor does pulling apart leaves of lettuce. And she was there before I even got my salad started. I usually make my salad at the sink, precisely because Mewsette was there every day when I got out the lettuce, but had no room for other dishes.

She doesn’t stop at lettuce, either. I dropped a spinach leaf on the floor one evening and she was right on it.

Don’t let that round-eyed innocent look try to convince you—she really is a carnivore! When any unlucky little mouse strays into the basement as they sometimes do, she is the one who catches them and runs all over the house with them. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen one around in quite some time.

This is what happened with the salad bowl Cookie was sleeping in once I’d gone to the farmer’s market. What will be next? Just wait.

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