Basement Cats Have Come for My Soul

four black cats

Basement Cats Have Come for My Soul

I always knew the day would come. You can’t live with five black cats and not know there is a reason they’ve chosen you. Don’t they look a little somber? At least their little mom was not involved in the action.

Mimi was there, just on a different table top, and not at all concerned with what her children were doing.

Actually, they’ve come to observe me working, again. They are on the worktable/drafting table in the corner of my newly restored/renovated/cleaned/organized studio, which I have apparently place there with no obstructions for their benefit. In fact, I’ve carried out the entire month-long activity for their amusement and benefit. I’m glad I could be of service to them.

This room was always the “spare cat room” until it just got too crowded, the reason for the newness; in fact, I carried the Big Four and Mimi into this room in a box almost four years ago, and the drafting table where I had their big cage was in the same place it is now. Perhaps they remember it, but I doubt that. I think that’s just my human sentimentality!

I was a disappointed the photo was somewhat blurry, so I adjusted contrast, enhanced colors, ran it through a few fun filters in Photoshop and came up with something that used the soft edges and luridly described the situation. Here’s another take on it, red violet lighting to enhance the weirdness of the situation.

four black cats in purple

Basement Cats in Violet

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10 Comments on “Basement Cats Have Come for My Soul”

  1. […] Daisy insisted on sending a post after Basement Cats Have Come for My Soul, in which Giuseppe leads the […]

  2. I love the colors in the first image. KC (my basement cat) loves to lay on the dining room table while I work. He pushes off all my papers and lays on my laptops – such a helper!

  3. I’ve always heard that the color purple is associated with spirituality. Perhaps your adjusted photo shows the deep connection these beautiful black cats have with your soul!

    • animalartist says:

      Christine, that could be why the violet looked best–I actually wanted a lurid yellow but tried a variety of colors and this looked best.

      I shouldn’t have cropped out the little t-square that’s in my ruler bucket in the upper right–it kind of looked like a cross. It all comes together.

  4. Wonderful title. And, judging from their expressions, I think you’re on to something.

  5. animalartist says:

    Sorry–I always name them in order: Mr. Sunshine, Giuseppe, Mewsette, Jelly Bean. how could I ever get anything done without them?

  6. They certainly appear to have some serious intent in their eyes. And thank Ceiling Cat for Photoshop, which helps salvage shots.

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