Oooh! Aaah!

black cat looking upward

Ooh! Aaah!

Mr. Sunshine isn’t really watching fireworks, he’s watching a moth inside the swag lamp, but it’s cute to think so.

Actually all five black cats disappeared as the neighbors lit firecrackers now and then, and later Carnegie’s fireworks lit up the sky a distance away (on July 3). Kelly hid in the entertainment center, but Cookie, who is pretty deaf, stayed on her cabinet in the kitchen.

I have a bi-fold door to the basement, and a small rectangle cut out of one lower corner for them to access the basement. I walked into the kitchen after the fireworks were over and suddenly basement cats where flowing out of the hole in the door—all five of them came up one after another with big round eyes, ready to run back down at the slightest “bang”. I gave everyone treats and catnip.

Hi, I’m Kelly and I’ll Be Your Studio Cat Today

cat on windowsill

Hi, I'm Kelly and I'll Be Your Studio Cat Today

Kelly has always enjoyed this windowsill, but she doesn’t care at all for chaos which is pretty much what we’ve had in this room for the past two months as I rearrange, remodel and reorganize.

Back up to explore, Kelly approves of it so far, especially her spot on the windowsill. I love to have my cats near me while I work.

What We Did on Saturday

four black cats by the window

What We Did on Saturday

What do four black cats do on a hot Saturday afternoon?

Find a spot where a window fan, an oscillating fan and a ceiling fan converge.

I love how they cuddle, even in the heat.