It’s Super-Bean!!

black cat leaping from a shelf


Look, up near the ceiling, leaping his mom with a single bound, it’s Jelly Bean!

He spends and awful lot of time up on the shelf I installed above the doors on the landing, alternating, and sometimes sharing, with Mewsette. This shelf had once held a lovely selection of greenery because the landing has a wonderful wash of morning sun that made the plants very happy. It also made kitties very happy. Down came the plants, voluntarily, before one landed on someone below.

Just as I photographed JB he decided to leap from the shelf to the small armoire I use as a linen closet on the landing, just the right height for jumping up or down. But the effect of his movement, plus my unintentional movement of the camera to follow him, and the slight blur of the dim light made for a really unique effect. The shelf looks as if it’s floating, the corners of the walls above and to each side and the frame of the attic fan above all became abstract areas, not even shapes. Couldn’t do it again if I wanted to!