A Rainy Morning, and…a Video

three black cats curled together

On a Rainy Morning

They were so darned sweet this morning when the rain was gently falling on all the leaves and the bird were tweeting their little hearts out. Mr. Sunshine and Mewsette were bathing themselves, each other and Giuseppe, who is that lazy lump between them, before settling down for a serious nap. I had originally planned to make a slideshow of the process, but decided to try out the video setting on my little camera.

It’s a little dark but you can reference the photo above to figure out who is bathing whom—apparently the settings I use for photographs don’t transfer to the video—and you can clearly hear the hiss of the rain and the tweeting birds. It was a very nice morning.

Okay, let’s see how this works…

If it doesn’t play above, here’s the link to it on my YouTube Channel (good heavens, I have a YouTube channel): http://youtu.be/vQ_FgFzm_78

4 Comments on “A Rainy Morning, and…a Video”

  1. Oh, how peaceful! Maybe you could call it “Meditation on Three Black Cats?”

  2. Hawkeye and I just watched the video. To my surprise, he paid no attention to his black-cat brethren on the screen but spent his time investigating the speaker, trying to figure out where the birds were hiding.

    • animalartist says:

      That’s what mine would normally do, but I think they must have recognized their homebirds and so paid no attention. The sound on this little camera is better than the video. Well, still not going to get a video camera, but getting closer.

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