Three Kittens in a Jim Beam Box

three kittens in box

These kittens were dropped off at Ohiopyle State Park.

…dropped off at the Train Station near Ohiopyle State Park. Apparently the heartless –#$%^&!– who dropped them off thought they were doing them a favor, and they may have considering some of the other possibilities.

The note with the photo on the Ohiopyle State Park Facebook page says:

Three more kittens dropped off in a Jim Beam box at the Train Station. Thankfully we got to them before the storm came through. A fourth was seen crawling out of the box but we couldn’t find it. Call the park office at 724-329-8591 to adopt or SPCA will be picking them up sometime tomorrow.

A Sisterly Bath

one black cat washing another

A Sisterly Bath

Giuseppe is a master at getting someone else to wash his face and behind his ears. All he needs to do is be there and his mom or his sister, or even his brothers, will happen along and give him a little touch-up—or a major overhaul. Giuseppe closes his eyes and enjoys it.

Here Mewsette even has him pinned down, though he has no intention of going anywhere!

I’m still practicing these videos with the little camera, though it took a dunk in a local creek over the weekend. Dried it out with the pilot in my gas over and just seems to need a new battery. I’m glad! I was getting to like this!

Here is a little clip of Mewsette cleaning up her brother’s act. I’ll try to remember to turn my radio down next time!