Three Kittens in a Jim Beam Box

three kittens in box

These kittens were dropped off at Ohiopyle State Park.

…dropped off at the Train Station near Ohiopyle State Park. Apparently the heartless –#$%^&!– who dropped them off thought they were doing them a favor, and they may have considering some of the other possibilities.

The note with the photo on the Ohiopyle State Park Facebook page says:

Three more kittens dropped off in a Jim Beam box at the Train Station. Thankfully we got to them before the storm came through. A fourth was seen crawling out of the box but we couldn’t find it. Call the park office at 724-329-8591 to adopt or SPCA will be picking them up sometime tomorrow.

5 Comments on “Three Kittens in a Jim Beam Box”

  1. Wazeau says:

    Oh man, breaks the heart – these could by my Nekoka and Sassafrass’ newest siblings, the coloring of them. I hope someone gives them the home they deserve.

  2. May they find the loving forever homes they so deserve!

  3. sueque says:

    That just breaks my heart. Those poor babies. I’m glad that they were found but I worry about that poor 4thbaby baby.

    • animalartist says:

      I know–I worried about that one too with the storm and it’s all woods, it’s a state park. And they’re so beautiful–I wonder what the other kitten looked like.

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