Giuseppe’s Secret Admirer

photo of black cat

Giuseppe has that dreamy look lately...

Oooo, Giuseppe has a girlfriend! And she’s a shiny little black French Canadian girl from a tiny town called Colborne, Ontario!

At least, this is what she says.

Here’s the story. I (me, mom, Bernadette) am happily corresponding with a new (human) friend from Colborne, and we learn about her kitty, Miss Daisy, who spends her days napping on an antique fainting couch by a patio door where she can watch nature. Miss Daisy’s mom signs up for The Creative Cat where she and Miss Daisy can enjoy photos of my cats every day and follow their activities.

photo of black cat


A few weeks ago I posted, Giuseppe, a close-up of just Giuseppe’s face as he intently looked past me out the window at a bird.

Within minutes came an e-mail from Miss Daisy’s mom:

Miss Daisy is smitten!

Thereafter, all through June and into July, Miss Daisy has sent messages almost daily by instruction to her human, though sometimes I can tell she added it to her human’s e-mail to me (and blames it on a laptop that’s losing its mind.

and Daisy, still dreaming of Giuseppe in PA.

Daisy and I are hoping all is well with you and the kitties…. Daisy has missed The Creative Cat blog and is worried that Giuseppe has not posted a photo for a few days.

two cats with bird book

Jelly Bean and Giuseppe return the book to me.

I posted About That Bird Book, and Miss Daisy was so excited, well…

Daisy is thrilled to see Giuseppe’s (and oh my goodness, Jelly Bean’s too!) handsome face. Could that explain the hairball incident Mom must go and tend to?

When I mentioned how much I’d like to visit the idyllic town where they live:

But how to tell Miss Daisy that Giuseppe would likely not be able to cross the border? Does he have a passport?

But no fair—Miss Daisy can see Giuseppe all the time, but Giuseppe has no idea what Miss Daisy really looks like! How would he know her if me met her?

And then, as if she had read his mind, after a post with Jelly Bean:

Oh yes, Jelly Bean is very cute… Daisy said he is handsome. But tell Giuseppe he is still her favourite!

Must tell you that Miss Daisy LOVES to watch her image reflected in mirrors ’round the house. Her favourite is the mirror set into the mantel in the living room. There is a quirky old deacon’s bench in front of the mirror inset and I often find Daisy perched on the bench, peering at her lovely visage in the mirror.

I must snap a pic of Daisy. (Purrrrrrrrrhaps Giuseppe would enjoy seeing his Canadian admirer.)

YES!! Giuseppe would LOVE to see a photo of his Canadian admirer!

Hmmm…June 26, Daisy’s mom says it’s their tenth anniversary together.

An older woman! Not only is she sleek, black and French Canadian, but she’s an older woman, ready to teach Giuseppe…well, what? He can’t imagine, but it sounds exciting anyway!

four black cats in purple

Basement Cats in Violet

Then Daisy insisted on sending a post after Basement Cats Have Come for My Soul, in which Giuseppe leads the pack:

Meooooooow! from Daisy.

Daisy insisted that I email immediately to thank you for sending out the photo of the four on our special day. She is sure it was meant just for her and wonders just who is who in the pic. She is sure she can pick out Giuseppe,but not sure about JB, MS and M!

I had to break some news before too much longer though…I told Daisy’s mom to gently tell Daisy that Giuseppe is kind of a mama’s boy…not that that is bad, but he needs a little touch-up bath from his mom every day, and often they curl up together all afternoon. How would this be with…another woman? I told her that Mr. Sunshine is indeed handsome and is actually the man-cat around here, but:

Daisy is a bit worried after reading your news that Giuseppe is a bit of a momma’s boy. She agrees that Mr. Sunshine is indeed a very handsome fellow. But Giuseppe has stolen her feline heart! She is selecting a suitable photo to send to both the boys and the girls in Carnegie.

black cat in front of window

Graceful Giuseppe

And then apparently, Miss Daisy sent her own message after Cats Are Simply Graceful:

sigh…. Giuseppe is so handsome.

Purrrrrrrs from Daisy

black cat under papers

Giuseppe falls asleep waiting for a message while I work.

Giuseppe began dominating my desk, even falling asleep waiting for another message from his beloved Miss Daisy as I piled papers on him. And I began to wonder…I choose from actual photos taken that day of my kitties when I plan my daily photo, but I usually try to mix them up so that everyone gets equal airtime. But somehow, Giuseppe had begun appearing more frequently…was he hogging the camera in an effort to get messages to Miss Daisy?

And where was that photo of Daisy, anyway?

Daisy shall spend the weekend selecting a photo…

Daisy has found a nice photo to send to Giuseppe and his pals…. it is a pic taken in Toronto shortly before our escape to the country…not an art photo but a nice one nevertheless.

three black cats at door

Where is my letter with the photo?

…and she signed her correspondence “Daisy Marguerite”.

Giuseppe swooned. First love, it’s a wonder we don’t die of it.

Giuseppe began waiting by the door for the mail delivery person, spending so much time his brothers began hanging with him, worrying he would waste away there at the door.

And then…

black cat looking upward

Ooh! Aaah!

We wish to comment on tonight’s Creative Cat, featuring the very handsome Mr. Sunshine — Ooolala!

(Miss Daisy insisted I send this email this very minute! She is quite impressed with the handsomeness of American Catdom.)

Well! La donna e mobile! said Giuseppe, named for the opera composer Giuseppe Verdi and quoting a famous aria from his opera Carmen, meaning “woman is fickle”.

Mr. Sunshine, indeed!

But very soon after, apparently just becoming aware of her mistake…

Daisy is very pleased to hear that message has been passed on to the manly Mr. Sunshine. Now the Queen of Chez Thibeault, and Mom’s heart, is concerned that Giuseppe be reassured of her affections!

Then the next day:

one black cat washing another

A Sisterly Bath

Well, the lovely Miss Daisy was up all night long, paws upon the keyboard, watching Giuseppe’s bath video!!!

But still no photo. Now Giuseppe is getting suspicious, and after we’ve both read so much about “stalkers” on the internet and how people will create an attractive profile for themselves when they are actually a troll, he asked me to send a message to Miss Daisy:

Giuseppe is disappointed that he has no photo of Miss Daisy yet…he’s beginning to think she’s just been leading him on and she’s actually some fat old cow-spotted tomcat and not a Rubenesque sleek black kitty.

To which “Miss Daisy” replied:

Mommy is laughing out loud…but I don’t understand the joke. Please tell Giuseppe that I am not a fat old cow-spotted tomcat… oh no! I am a shiny French Canadian black femme with womanly cat curves.

She speaks French! All is forgiven.

I lost those curves last winter when I got sick with diabetes, but Mommy gives me my medicine every morning and every night (and I am a good girl, letting her give me those needles… it was not too nice at first… we were both frightened, but now we are old paws at it) and I have my figure back.

That envelope was sent a week ago. I think the mail is still backlogged from our postal strike…whatever that was.

black cat in front of computer

Giuseppe is at least waiting for an e-mail.

Needles, diabetes, it’s all fine with Giuseppe.

And yesterday Daisy’s mom added:

Tell dear sweet Giuseppe that I personally mailed the big envelope with Daisy’s photo a week ago.

But today, and still no photo. Giuseppe doesn’t know what to think.

Right now Giuseppe is curled up with his mom again, just not at all sure how to feel about this. He is my operatically melodramatic kitty who wears his big heart on his kitty sleeve, but his love is true and forever. Let’s hope for his sweet heart that he really does receive a photo soon of a lovely chat femme noir named Daisy.

As soon as I receive one, I will be sure to post it!

Read more about the long-distance feline lovers! This link lists the stories most recent to least recent, so you’ll have to scroll to the end to read about their early courtship.

12 Comments on “Giuseppe’s Secret Admirer”

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  4. animalartist says:

    The envelope is here!

  5. […] Wondering what this is all about? For the first part of this story, read Giuseppe’s Secret Admirer. […]

  6. Daisy Thibeault says:

    The picture is really me and when my Giuseppe
    sees it he will know it is of a mature femme chat noir
    and not some silly kitten who doesn’t know her own
    I promise you Giuseppe, I will not
    toy with your heart or deceive you, ever.

    purrs and nuzzles, Daisy Marguerite.

  7. animalartist says:

    I am ready to protect Giuseppe’s gentle heart against any hurt! I guess we’ll have to ask for proof (hear that, Miss Daisy)? But if Daisy’s mom is any example, I don’t think Giuseppe has anything to worry about where Miss Daisy is concerned. We’ll see when we get that photo…

  8. tamcalinyc says:

    such a sweet post but i worry for Giuseppe because with long distance love (or internet love) it’s hard to know how the chemistry will be in real life. and what, no photo? but even so, how would we be able to know the photo is of Daisy? or not one from her kittenhood? Please keep us posted but tell Giuseppe not to give his heart too readily!

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