The Mystery Deepens: A Photo of Daisy Marguerite

black cat looking out window

Is this Daisy Marguerite?

Arriving in my inbox today is a mysterious photo entitled “Marguerite en Silhouette”! Is this our Daisy Marguerite?

Giuseppe is ready to believe it is, sent by the magical connection of their long-distance love!

I may need a little more proof before I let my guy completely give himself to Daisy.

It is a snowy scene and Daisy is from Canada, but many places have snow.

The kitty does appear to be black, but there are also other black cats.

Do we have any other clues that this is, in fact, the real Daisy Marguerite?

Still, Giuseppe feels this is the authentic Daisy, and she is flirting with him, building up her lovely enigmatic presence! I will leave the photo open on my computer and let him gaze upon it and daydream.

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