The Envelope, Please?

black cat with photo of black cat

Can we move to Colborne?

Giuseppe says, “Sì, la donna è bella, amore mio, amore mio …“* He says he wants to learn French. I think I will soon hear him practicing famous operatic arias.

He is convinced this is Miss Daisy Marguerite and not some fat old cow-spotted tomcat who is posing as un chat belle femme noir* just to get some attention on the internet.

Let’s see Giuseppe’s reaction. I found the envelope, came in the door and went directly into the kitchen where Giuseppe was having a drink of water and bathing:

He can’t quite believe it’s finally here!

black cat with envelope

Giuseppe asks me to translate human.

Is it really my letter from Miss Daisy Marguerite?

black cat with envelope

I just get a wonderful feeling from it!

Since I can’t read, does that say “Colborne”?

cat face rub on envelope

Giuseppe gives it a good, thorough face rub.

Let’s open it!

Then his mom realized she didn’t have a letter opener, so we moved to the desk.

black cat with envelope

Giuseppe watches me take the photos out.

Giuseppe watches intently as I remove the photos of Miss Daisy from the envelope.

black cat looking at photos

There she is!

She is indeed a lovely black cat with nice feminine curves!

black cat looking at black cat photo

She has big, beautiful eyes!

“Put it down so I can look at her…” Giuseppe whispers.

black cat looking at black cat photo

She is so dignified!


black cat sniffing photo

I think I detect a whiff of her scent!

“She has touched this photo, I can tell…”

black cat sniffing photo

I will memorize her lovely image.

“I will study this photo endlessly…”

I think my guy is in deep. But I also think Miss Daisy is a lovely lady cat!

photo of black cat on bed

Miss Daisy Marguerite

And here she is in her fleece bed imitating “The Goddess“, which is how her mom found me and led her to Giuseppe!

black cat on cat bed

Miss Daisy as "The Goddess"!

So I am satisfied that Miss Daisy just might be a suitable love for my sweet melodramatic romantic Giuseppe. Guess he and I will have to brush up on our French.

His brothers are finding all this quite amusing.

*”Yes, the lady is beautiful, my love, my love…”, hope my basic Italian is okay; I picked it up from Puccini and Verdi!

*Hope my French is okay too—just kind of making that up!

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8 Comments on “The Envelope, Please?”

  1. […] I simply had to distract him with other thoughts until he took a nap with his mom. I hurriedly printed out the labels, put them in the international plastic sleeve and slipped out to my car. Like magic, when I came back, there was the letter, and the rest is history… […]

  2. Oh, how sweet – looks like love to me!

  3. Daisy Marguertite says:

    Giuseppe, mon cher….. you are purrrrrrrrrrrfect!
    your lady love, Daisy Marguerite.

  4. animalartist says:

    I have to apologize for the sound in the second video clip–he was murmuring to her photo and it was too cute! None of it came out, though. I’m going to see if I can re-upload and fix it.

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