A Package to Colborne

black cat on box

Giuseppe insists upon traveling with the Colborne package.

Giuseppe demands to be shipped with the package to Colborne.

One of the things Miss Daisy’s mom and I were discussing was a piece of artwork and a couple of copies of Great Rescues which have been on the easel waiting to be packed until I could determine the best method of shipment.

Yesterday was the day for the package to be packed and on its way and I had to sneak it past Giuseppe, who was still waiting for his letter from his love.

But he caught up with me when the package was completely closed and he sat on it, insisting to be allowed inside! I tried to tell him that he couldn’t go running off to see a lady he’d only met on the internet, he knew very little about her, he had no passport to get into Canada and, besides that, he’d never traveled!

two black cats on table

Giuseppe is comforted by his mom.

I simply had to distract him with other thoughts until he took a nap with his mom. I hurriedly printed out the labels, put them in the international plastic sleeve and slipped out to my car. Like magic, when I came back, there was the letter, and the rest is history…

But Giuseppe and I have an idea, now that we’ve seen Miss Daisy and understand that Colborne has no stores to supply kitties with toys. He’s talked to his siblings, his mom and the tortie girls, and all agree that they have plenty enough toys to share. He’ll spend a few days selecting a few toys to send—he’d send the moon if he could, but his mom advises him that a lady likes to be courted, and sending several packages is better than sending one—and his brothers and sisters have agreed they’ll help him choose.

Shhhh! Don’t let Miss Daisy know!


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8 Comments on “A Package to Colborne”

  1. […] A Package to Colborne Share this:Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

  2. […] A Package to Colborne Share this:Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

  3. Daisy's mom says:

    I think we could meet at Niagara Falls, if our
    Moms will allow it… but we would meet with
    your paws in the United States and mine in
    Canada. Can I swim ? I don’t know… I have
    never tried. Purrrrrrrrrrrrhaps.

    • Giuseppe says:

      Mom’s not going for the Niagara Falls idea…but you are on my mind every moment!

      Chi son? Sono un poeta.

      You inspire me to poetry. I have been practicing my favorite, “Che gelida manina” from La Boheme as I am a very bohemian kitty.

      Your love always…Giuseppe

  4. What a guy, that Guiseppi. Daisy’s very lucky.

  5. We received our package and boy was it like Christmas in July!!!

  6. I must choose the nicest toys with the freshest catnip. I would love to give them to her purrrsonally. Perhaps we can meet at Niagara Falls!

    Tell Miss Daisy Marguerite, “Ti amo, ti adoro”, or as I learned just today, “Je t’aime!”

  7. Daisy's mom says:

    Good thing Daisy was napping
    on her fainting couch when I began to read
    this evening’s Creative Cat. We mustn’t have
    the surprise spoilt for Mlle Marguerite or have
    her thinking that Giuseppe Verdi, her one true
    love, may arrive in Colborne in the fedex truck!

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