I see London, I see France,…

photo of black cat from behind

Jelly Bean's Underpants

…I see Jelly Bean’s underpants!

At least, that’s what it always looks like from the back when Jelly Bean shows off his Tidy Whites.This is especially true when he gets in position to drink from the faucet every morning.

Actually, he gets very embarrassed when I point out his big triangular white spot, but he’s even cute doing that so I can’t resist.

4 Comments on “I see London, I see France,…”

  1. CD says:

    That gave me a much needed smile ‘n giggle this morning! I think Jelly Bean’s underpants are adorable.

    • animalartist says:

      His underpants are really cute and provide me with a giggle every day, but all JB has to do is exist and he’s cute, I have no idea why. Isn’t that why we live with them, after all?

  2. Tell Jelly Bean he’s not alone: Magwitch, our Snowshoe Siamese-cross, had his equipment all nicely defined in Sealpoint brown prior to neutering. Definitely stood out against his creamy beige coat. Kim, one of the techs, and I joked about it, and Tom, our vet, deadpanned that he needed all the help he could get in surgery.

    • animalartist says:

      Long ago, my Fawn, a very speckled torbie, had her parts very neatly outlined in black, easily distinguished against all that chaos of orange and black and stripes and specks!

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