Kelly the Art Cat

tortie cat with paintbrushes

Kelly the Art Cat

Kelly soaks up the sun on the windowsill, sharing space with my paintbrush vase, her eyes the color of summer leaves.

We don’t see Kelly as often as some other cats. That’s because some other cats tend to be in some human’s face all the time, now that they’ve apparently learned the joy of blogging.

But Kelly doesn’t care for the limelight, only the sunlight. Truly that’s a shame because she is the subject of some of the most beautiful photos on this blog. But I like this simple composition, so colorful and happy, and what could please me more—art materials, a handpainted vase, sunlight, summer green outdoors, and one of my precious kitties?

Tell me this—does Kelly look 17 years old to you? She is amazingly beautiful for her age (don’t let Cookie know I said that!).

tortie cat birdwatching

Kelly Birdwatching

Here is a photo of Kelly from a year or more after she first came to me; it was months before she would come out from under the credenza in the room upstairs, and months after that when she and Namir finally ventured down the stairs, and months after that when Kelly was finally comfortable enough to sit on a windowsill to watch birds and let her photo be taken.

Just like Cookie and her kitchen escapades, Kelly settles herself into some of my favorite places: my studio, my books, my crochet, even my computer when I’m designing, and of course, in the sunshine.

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tortie cat sleeping on books

Sleepy Kelly in the Library

cat on crochet project

Kelly has claimed my crochet project.

cat on keyboard shelf

Kitten on the Keyboard

tortoiseshell cat

Mysterious Kelly

animal sympathy card

Kelly Twice

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