The Big Day

Black cat with birthday tiara

Mimi on her birthday.

Mimi wears her birthday tiara and poses with her gift. Other cats may have tried to take my hand off for wrapping a glittery thing around their head, but Mimi, as you can see, is clearly being patient with me.

She doesn’t know that a silly thing on my head and posing for pictures is nothing compared to what I’ve been through, Mimi thought.

black cat with purple necklace

Mimi experiments with her tiara.

Today is the day we all came together, Mimi and the Fantastic Four tiny puffballs in a plain cardboard box. This day is our communal anniversary, and Mimi has chosen for it to be her birthday. Little did she know what that would mean come the big day.

But Mimi is a Creative Cat as well, and had a few of her own ideas for her birthday…costume.

How does it look as a necklace? she asked as Mr. Sunshine took the opportunity to dig through her birthday bag.

What was in Mimi’s gift bag? A couple cans of food I knew she’d like, plus enough to share with the kids and the tortie girls. The gifts Mimi would want aren’t the sort you’d put in a bag, and if you ask Mimi, she has those things already.

black cat on chair with purple necklace

How is this pose?

Let’s try this pose. One of Mimi’s favorite places is on the edge of the kitchen chair backs, just wide enough for her tiny paws, but she is just that much taller. She proudly turned and waited for me to take her photo.

“How old are you Mimi?” I asked her. I am six litters old, she replied. Hmmm, she was probably at least three when the Fantastic Four were born, that was four years ago, so Mimi would be about seven.

two black cats

This is my tiara!

This is my tiara, Mimi said to Giuseppe when he approached to inspect the thing around her neck, be respectful.

two black cats

Giuseppe bathes Mimi.

Happy birthday, mom! Thanks for getting us in here,” Giuseppe replied as he gave her a few licks instead of the other way around, as usual.

The Fantastic Four started out the day with a Fantastic Breakfast—here it’s just their favorite dry food in bowls because I knew I could get them to pose for a photo like this. This was just for starters, followed by fresh salmon, wherein they were not nearly as organized, nor could I take photos!

four cats eating

Fantastic Four eating breakfast on the big day.

Happy birthday, and happy anniversary!

The Conscious Cat “Great Rescues” Review and Giveaway

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Great Rescues: a 16-month cat calendar and gift book | The Conscious Cat.

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