Tortie, Not to Be Outdone

tortie cat in the tub

Cookie in the Tub

Not to be outdone by a bunch of juvenile delinquents, Cookie hops in the tub.

She doesn’t really think they’re juvenile delinquents, in fact, they all get along just fine—they’ve always respected Her Majesty, and she’s never had to enforce her position.

But she is awfully cute in the tub, and she knows it too. I don’t think she hopped in there just to outshine them, she actually hopped in to check out the water left behind by my shower, then just to hang out for a while. After all, Cookie’s been hanging out in the tub for quite a number of years.

I truly love how active Cookie remains, even at her age.

2 Comments on “Tortie, Not to Be Outdone”

  1. Wazeau says:

    Lovely Tortie face!

  2. Bernie Tracy says:

    Now that is one smart Cookie!!!!! That tub is cooler than any other place in the house. She is definitely an intelligent Tortie. Love that look.

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