It’s Hot

black cat lying on back

Mr. Sunshine says, "It's hot......"

My guess is he’s getting the slight bit of a breeze that’s coming in the window on his warm kitty belly.

Or maybe he wants to show off his white spot, since Jelly Bean is so famous for his. Can you see his white spot, that little cluster of white hairs on his belly? Not too impressive.

Either that or he’s ready to be spayed. I don’t think this would be his idea, likely it just kind of resembles that position to me.

Or it might be a hint that it’s time for a kitty belly rub!

Here he is in a close-up after he tilted his head a bit. What I like is the little teeth, so fierce.

black cat closeup

Mr. Sunshine, what teeny teeth you have!

A Taste of Station Square, 2011

people at event tents

Taste of Station Square

Despite the rain during the day, the event had a good crowd of people milling around Station Square, tasting food, meeting adoptable animals and dropping tickets into bags to win their selected prize baskets, all to benefit the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society.

basket of cat cards

My donation basket.

Here’s the basket I donated, four boxes of animal sympathy cards, feline art cards and notecards with cute cat and pawprint pencils.

All together, there were well more than 50 baskets for guests to choose from, both cat and dog-themed as well as things just for people.

When you purchased your ticket, you received a “passport” with the logo of every restaurant and exhibitor participating in the event. As you visited each tent and restaurant you had this passport punched on that logo, and passports that had all the logos punched were entered in a drawing for even grander prizes, such as major event tickets and a vacation.

The event began at 5:30 and I didn’t get there until 7:00, when it began to rain softly then in earnest, so I didn’t get to meet as many animals and people as usual, but there were several friendly dogs.

greeting dog

The greeting dog.

people with dog

Another adoptable dog.


two gray kittens

Tops and Jinks

And two gray kittens, Tops and Jinks, who were a little uncertain about the rain falling outside their awning, though they weren’t getting wet. They are brothers who had been rescued from someone’s basement, are six months old and ready to be adopted.

three greyhounds

Greyhounds from Going Home Greyhounds

There were bunnies this year as well, but because of the rain many of the adoptable animals went inside or simply got ready to go back to the shelter a little early.

Three greyhounds for adoption from Going Home Greyhounds.

The dessert reception and auction took place on the dock and the Duchess and Princess of the Gateway Clipper Fleet.

two boats at dock

We gather for the dessert reception and the auction.

Gretchen Feiser, Director of PR and Business Relationships for the WPHS, pulls the tickets from each of the bags and announces the winners via microphone onto the two boats. By the end of the event, many people were out on the dock to socialize some more.

Guests outside on the dock.

And just a nice photo of a small portion of Pittsburgh at night from the water.

Pittsburgh from the dock.