It’s Hot

black cat lying on back

Mr. Sunshine says, "It's hot......"

My guess is he’s getting the slight bit of a breeze that’s coming in the window on his warm kitty belly.

Or maybe he wants to show off his white spot, since Jelly Bean is so famous for his. Can you see his white spot, that little cluster of white hairs on his belly? Not too impressive.

Either that or he’s ready to be spayed. I don’t think this would be his idea, likely it just kind of resembles that position to me.

Or it might be a hint that it’s time for a kitty belly rub!

Here he is in a close-up after he tilted his head a bit. What I like is the little teeth, so fierce.

black cat closeup

Mr. Sunshine, what teeny teeth you have!

2 Comments on “It’s Hot”

  1. Amby says:

    Hey, Mr. Sunshine has a VERY impressive batch of white belly hairs compared to the barely visible line of white hairs on his older brother, Angus’ underbelly. Lucky he has THAT much, though, or we’d have a difficult time proving who’s who.

    • animalartist says:

      He gets that from his mom who has about five white hairs on her belly. It’s nothing compare to Jelly Bean who has a large white triangle that looks like a Speedo on his belly. Some cats have to be a little excessive.

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