Two Senior Scottish Folds, Owner Died, in Need of Home

two scottish fold cats

Dreamy and Whispurr lost their mom and need a home.

Two lovely 13-year-olds have lost their mom and need a home. Their person’s brother and sister-in-law are keeping them, but they have allergies in the household and other pets.

My Peaches and Cream came to me in much the same way—yes, that Peaches!

The girls need love and understanding after losing their mom and their home. Here is what their caretaker says of them:

“My sister-in-law recently passed away unexpectedly and she had two Scottish Folds cats that were her “babies” and are now in need of a loving home. They are two female litter mates (a couple weeks apart) who were with her since they were kittens and are now approximately 13 years old.

“They have been house cats all their lives and pretty much with her exclusively. They are current on their rabies shots and as far as we know they are in good health They are really in need of someone to love them. The grey one is Whispurr the white one is Dreamy. Our family is unable to keep them due to allergies and already having other animals.

two scottish fold cats

They have always been together.

“We did place them with someone in June but the person ended up not being patient enough, and did not keep them. They will need to be with someone who will understand what they have been through (loosing the only “Mommy” and home they ever knew). In other words, they need time to learn how to trust. They have never been apart nor around other animals.

“We have contacted all the agencies and they cannot help…they are all so overwhelmed. Please feel free to pass this info to anyone who may have room in their heart their lives to give these little girls a new home. My info is listed below.  Thanks much!

“Please let us know if you can help…we are running out of time and options..we really don’t want to put them down.”

I have sent this to Scottish Fold Rescue, Inc., and am awaiting an answer, but if you can think of any options for these girls, please pass them along to their caretakers:

Bob or  Pattie Stanko
Home is 412-885-9038 & work is 412-768-6324.  Home is best.
They are located in Brentwood, PA, just south of Pittsburgh.

Don’t dismiss a kitty because she’s older! I had five wonderful years with Peaches that felt like a lifetime, and these girls are two years younger than that.

14 Comments on “Two Senior Scottish Folds, Owner Died, in Need of Home”

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  2. momsbusy says:

    has anyone adopted them yet?

  3. this just tore my heart out. I just tweeted it and posted it on my Cat Chat With Caren & Cody facebook page…hope something comes of it

  4. Denise says:

    This is heartbreaking. I think of what
    would happen to my Daisy if I was no longer
    here to love her. Daisy is now approaching her
    12th birthday and is diabetic. She has been with
    me since we adopted one another back in
    2001. A few years ago I was diagnosed with
    a late stage cancer and my biggest fear was not
    for myself, but for Daisy. Daisy and I were
    so lucky… I survived and we are still best friends
    and constant companions. But……
    Pleae, please, we must find these girls a home.

    • animalartist says:

      Denise, who would keep the Fantastic Four and Mimi together, and what would happen to my tortie girls? I have asked people to care for them if anything happened to me, and I wish I had more to put into a trust for them.

  5. I’ll share this. These poor kitties are grieving and to bounced around makes it worse. It’s a frequent scenario at the shelter I volunteer with. Older cats a joy and Scottish folds are sweeties.

    • animalartist says:

      Layla, I’m so glad the people who are caring for them seem to be understanding–any misbehavior or a return is usually the kiss of death for an older kitty. Their looks and their names are winners, I think it’s just their ages. Thanks for cross-posting.

  6. Marg says:

    Oh goodness, that is so sad. Those poor kitties. Wish I could take them but all I have to offer is on little room and that isn’t much. Besides it was way too far for them to travel. Hope they find a home.

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