Has Your Cat Been Sending Messages Today?

tortie cat with paw on keyboard

Cookie has been communicating with other cats, I'm sure.

If so, it may have been from Cookie, who was on my desk all day, reaching out and touching the keyboard and sending messages like, “3fsefdc4tre” and “8/-9” and “btgfbth” and “555555555555555555555”.

Cookie will often interact with the keyboard, walking on it, sitting on it, and reaching out a paw from the desk, I always presumed to stop me from typing and pay attention to her.

But today was different. She was persistent, and even when I dared to move her, got back into position and pressed her little paw on a cluster of keys.

Is she playing Ouija? I thought. Or if we get a bunch of torties together with typewriters, will they write Puss in Boots?

I wasn’t too concerned until I posted this activity on Facebook and friend Allia replied that her Angela had replied, “.dk84en2=/.” Then I began to wonder. Was her sleepy look actually a sly sideways glance to see if I was paying attention?

And Allegra and Ruby’s mom Ingrid answered that she thought it was a secret code to start a tortie revolution. And Stirfry’s dad Jay said Stirfry had been on his computer and remarked that torties had already taken over our houses, now they are taking over the world.

We called yesterday “International Cat Day”, innocent enough, but I think it was actually “International Cat DOMINATION Day”! I think they all made connections yesterday and today they are using our computers to plot FELINE WORLD DOMINATION and it’s being led by torties!

Or at least all the torties are talking to each other. That in itself is unsettling—imagine a world run by “tortitude”!

Keep your cats under control! I’ll definitely keep my keyboard out of their reach.

It’s a good thing they sleep up to 20 hours a day.

7 Comments on “Has Your Cat Been Sending Messages Today?”

  1. LOL, yes I do believe torties are communicating. Jazmin has a knack for always tapping the keyboard when she comes to visit while I’m on computer. Loved this article!

    • animalartist says:

      I wonder if Cookie knows Jazmin…my other cats hang around my computer but none of them necessarily play around with the keyboard. They may just leave it up to the matriarch.

  2. Hawkeye, Phoebe, and Phoenix — a black cat, a charcoal-gray fluffer-nutter, and a Ruddy Aby — were all doing office time today, so this probably transcends color and breed. I’m kinda inclined to let them take over.

    • animalartist says:

      Tammy, Allia’s Angela is lovely white with black spots, so I’m not sure it’s entirely torties, it might just be Girls’ Day. I’ve been looking for an assistant myself.

  3. Denise says:

    Surprise! The black cats are talking
    to one another too. Anyone receiving
    messages from Miss Daisy?

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