From Little Bitty Fuzzballs…

four newborn kittens

A four-kitten pile-up.

…to sassy tweens…

kittens in cat bed

From top, Mewsette, Jelly Bean, Giuseppe (with the green paint on his ear), Mr. Sunshine.

…to medium-sized sleek and agile teens…

four black cats on the rocker

Everybody on the Rocker

…to full-grown graceful and loving adults…

four black cats

The Fantastic Four on August 16, 2011, all grown up.

…they’ve always been best friends! I can’t get enough of watching them together.

2 Comments on “From Little Bitty Fuzzballs…”

  1. Sue says:

    I never tire of seeing pics of the fabulous four! Seeing them as little babies is sweet.
    Makes me want a little black kitten.

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