Ready for Work?

two torties in studio

Tortie Girls reporting for work.

My studio supervisors arrive at work before me! I’m working on starting the day in my studio when my eyes are rested and I have daylight to work with instead of ending it there and working too late into the night.

My tortie girls agree! They’ve been staying up all night with me for more years than they want to remember—after all, they have to supervise me or how could I get any artwork done? The most important role they serve is sleeping on my lap or next to my feet so that I need to stay put and therefore get work done. One would never get up or move while a cat is sleeping.

The younger ones have something to learn from keeping me under control, perhaps someday one of them will show some potential.

Cookie has had a lifelong role in what I do, and this will clarify what she does: I Will Never Get to Retire.

8 Comments on “Ready for Work?”

  1. […] Ready for Work Tortie Girls reporting for work. […]

  2. animalartist says:

    Just to clarify Cookie’s role in my work, read this article: I Will Never Get to Retire, I’ll add it to the post!

  3. They’d inspire anyone!

  4. bernie110 says:

    With those two Tortie bosses you better be getting some work done. Great shot.

  5. Ingrid King says:

    Thank goodness you have Kelly and Cookie to keep you straight!

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