A Kitty to Come Home To

cat silhouette in window

Mimi Waits for Me

Every home needs a kitty who waits in the window for your return.

There is nothing more welcoming for me than a feline silhouette in one or more of my windows. Here, Mimi waits at the dining room window as I pull in front of the house with things to unload. Her greeting procedure once she has determined it’s me is to meow two quick “ee-eee” meows, stand up and stretch as tall as she can in the window, which is not terribly tall since she is tiny, and if the window is closed, slide her paws down the glass; if it’s open, she digs her claws into the screen—no, we don’t like this, but we live with it—stretch herself, then paw back down to the windowsill.

For half the 20 years I’ve been in this house I worked outside my home. The hours with that job were long and I rarely returned during daylight, but I had lamps on timers so that I wouldn’t come home to a dark house. I remember looking at my lit windows from as far down the street as I could see it, looking for my welcoming feline silhouettes—Sophie always at either the side window or my bedroom window upstairs in the front, Cookie in the front window downstairs, and Stanley and Kublai ranged around among the three downstairs windows. Even Sally, who was deaf, greeted me not just with a silhouette but with a meow I could hear outside even in winter when windows were closed. Any of the others of my feline family showed up at the windows as I walked up the side steps and came to the door, and all were at the door to greet me.

I can’t imagine it any other way.

“Pawprints and Raindrops” is Featured on The Daily Tail!

pastel painting of a cat on a bed

Sunday Morning, pastel © B.E. Kazmarski

My award-winning* feline-inspired poem Pawprints and Raindrops and my painting “Sunday Morning” are featured on the award-winning The Daily Tail blog! Please visit to read and enjoy, and also to read wide-ranging daily stories and images about cats, dogs, cows, birds, deer and just about anything else with fur or feathers…or scales…or…

Thank you, Daniela, for being a faithful reader of my blog too!

Catnip Chronicles

This poem was also featured in Catnip Chronicles in April 2010, so click over there to read it and then subscribe to this monthly online journal of all things cat!

2010 Award from Cat Writers’ Association

Pawprints and Raindrops won both a Certificate of Excellence and Muse Medallion in the 2010 Cat Writers’ Association annual Communication Contest in the poetry category.

I also wrote an article earlier in 2010, around the time of my annual poetry reading, when I’d be reading this poem in public for the first time, and I wrote about my inspirations for poetry and art, and the inspiration for this poem in particular, and included the poem in that article, Pawprints and Raindrops.