“Pawprints and Raindrops” is Featured on The Daily Tail!

pastel painting of a cat on a bed

Sunday Morning, pastel © B.E. Kazmarski

My award-winning* feline-inspired poem Pawprints and Raindrops and my painting “Sunday Morning” are featured on the award-winning The Daily Tail blog! Please visit to read and enjoy, and also to read wide-ranging daily stories and images about cats, dogs, cows, birds, deer and just about anything else with fur or feathers…or scales…or…

Thank you, Daniela, for being a faithful reader of my blog too!

Catnip Chronicles

This poem was also featured in Catnip Chronicles in April 2010, so click over there to read it and then subscribe to this monthly online journal of all things cat!

2010 Award from Cat Writers’ Association

Pawprints and Raindrops won both a Certificate of Excellence and Muse Medallion in the 2010 Cat Writers’ Association annual Communication Contest in the poetry category.

I also wrote an article earlier in 2010, around the time of my annual poetry reading, when I’d be reading this poem in public for the first time, and I wrote about my inspirations for poetry and art, and the inspiration for this poem in particular, and included the poem in that article, Pawprints and Raindrops.

2 Comments on ““Pawprints and Raindrops” is Featured on The Daily Tail!”

  1. It’s a pleasure to ba a faithful reader of such a wonderful blog, Bernadette! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed seeing your lovely poem on The Daily Tail.

  2. Congrats, Bernadette! Love the poem and the peach tones in the painting —

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