And the Affaire Continues

black cat with card

Giuseppe shows off his card and message from Mlle Daisy Marguerite.

Giuseppe received a card from Mlle Daisy Marguerite with another photo and a personal note!

The last letter was addressed to me and actually contained some correspondence for me, but this one…this one was address to Giuseppe from Daisy and was all about the two of them.

I showed Giuseppe the envelope and read the addresses to him. He deeply breathed in the scent.

cat with envelope

Giuseppe inhales deeply of the envelope.

When he was done inhaling the essence of Daisy Marguerite, he asked if we could open it.

black cat with envelope

"Can we open it now?"

The card was humorous—a large black cat propped up in bed surrounded by books.

Giuseppe, perhaps she’s telling you what kind of gentlecat she’d like to spend her time with You don’t read yet, do you, Giuseppe?

I’m only four. Did you read when you were four?

I think your playboy days may be over Giuseppe. Somebody needs to settle down.

cat with card

Giuseppe admires his card with a nose tap on the corner.

There she is, isn’t she beautiful?

black cat on bed

Mlle Daisy Marguerite on her antique wedding ring quilt. Is that a hint?

And she wrote on the back of her card.

To Giuseppe,




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5 Comments on “And the Affaire Continues”

  1. omc this is just too sweet!

  2. Wazeau says:

    I really hate to be a worrywort, but maybe you should fuzz out the addresses on the envelopes.

    • animalartist says:

      I thought about that, but Miss Daisy is actually moving next week, so I’m not concerned anymore about her address–I did cover it up on an earlier letter to Giuseppe for that very reason–and I’m in business, my address is out there already. Thanks for your concern!

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