The Two Senior Scottish Folds Have Found a Home!

two scottish fold cats

Dreamy and Whispurr lost their mom and need a home.

I received a happy e-mail this morning about Dreamy and Whispurr:


As you know we have found a WONDERFUL home for Dreamy & Whispurr with two great people who are local (which is good ..we can see them any time we want) .. They have been involved in rescue for many years..they have had the girls for two weeks and have already gained their trust and they love them. We were so fortunate to find such wonderful new owners and the girls have been blessed to be in a warm and loving 2nd home.

Thank you for all you did to get the word out we are truly grateful to you and Rose Weber and your contacts.
God Bless you all for all you do.


Bob & Pattie Stanko

I thanked them for letting me know! I don’t always get to hear the follow-up, but I truly love a happy ending like this.

And I also thanked Bob and Pattie for taking in the girls unexpectedly, understanding their needs and being very careful with their new adoptive home, especially after their own loss of the human loved one who was Dreamy and Whispurr’s person.

As I said then, don’t dismiss a kitty because she’s older! I had five wonderful years with Peaches that felt like a lifetime, and these girls are two years younger than that.

Here’s a link to the original post: Two Senior Scottish Folds, Owner Died, Need Home

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