We Are Featured on Zee and Zoey!

We are featured today in a post on “Zee and Zoey’s Chronicle Connection”!

Some day I’ll actually meet the woman in leopard print, but for now I’ll have to be content with a virtual friendship with Deb Barnes, author of The Chronicles of Zee and Zoey—a Journey of the Extraordinarily Ordinary and host of the blog in their name, “Zee and Zoey’s Chronicle Connection”.

Her stunningly lush and lovely blog was nominated for a Petties Award for “Best Designed Blog” and a visit will show you it’s inspired by the physical features and personalities of her family of felines as well as figures and features found in nature, so guess what I do when I visit? Yes, it’s difficult to focus on the writing! But once I get over a visual review of all the features, the stories themselves and Deb’s writing style keep me focused.

And just as Deb was introduced to me by our friend Ingrid King of The Conscious Cat, so was I introduced to Deb as Ingrid shared a post I wrote, and through all the haze of social networking and blogging and writing and visual images, it’s truly a joy to meet a kindred spirit.

Deb writes of her reason for featuring the four of us (and you’ll need to visit the other blogs too):

Within those blogs, and outside of the Petties, I have a handful of blogs that I am very devoted to for my own personal reasons – none of them are similar – each is uniquely wonderful to the personalities of the authors themselves and I wanted to share my thoughts on them and why they are so important to me.

I’m in good company! Please visit: My Favorite Things « The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey.

One Comment on “We Are Featured on Zee and Zoey!”

  1. Bernadette –

    What a lovely write up and share of the post I did today featuring some of my favorite cat blogs. You continue to enrapture me with the elegance of your prose and I am so happy to have happened upon you and your feline family…

    All my Best – Deb

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