Two Torties on One Lap

two torties on one lap

Two Torties on One Lap

There really are two torties on my lap, Kelly on the left curled up on top of Cookie. And Cookie is not complaining or threatening death to Kelly.

Actually, I have my legs crossed, and Cookie is curled in the hollow, actually on the seat, and Kelly is mostly on my leg, so she’s not really using Cookie as a bed.

For all the tortitudinal reputation tortoiseshell calico cats have, I feel blessed with the two nicest torties I’ve ever met. The girls are friends, but not sister-girlfriends or anything, they tolerate each other more than anything. Sometimes they’ll get a little tired of each other and I’ll hear a low growl, sort of.

It’s funny to look at them now, the two oldest at 19 and 17, and remember when Kelly first arrived at about age 4 and Cookie was 6 with a big attitude about this scared and scrawny cat, asking me why we had to have another tortoiseshell when we already had a perfectly good, well-rounded one!

But for cases like this, I’m glad I have long arms so that I can reach waaaay forward to type on the keyboard.

5 Comments on “Two Torties on One Lap”

  1. […] seems Cookie is the perpetrator of the stackable torties in this house; the last photo of the two of them on my lap had Cookie on top, and the two of them in approximately the same […]

  2. They almost look like sisters. You must never lack for warmth during the cold winter months with Cookie and Kelly around. 🙂

  3. Ingrid King says:

    What a lovely photo. Cookie really looks like she’s being squished, though!

    I hope some day, Allegra and Ruby will share my lap. I loved that so much when Amber and Buckley did it.

    • animalartist says:

      They know how to make a lovely composition, don’t they? Believe me, if Cookie was being squished she’d let Kelly and me know!

      I hope you don’t have to wait about 12 years before Allegra and Ruby become your lapwarmers. That’s how long it took for these two, and it was really not until they and Peaches gathered at my computer early last year that Kelly felt comfortable with it in curling up with the other two. Seeing your two, though, I don’t think you’ll have to wait that long!

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