Out in the Backyard

gray and white cat in weeds

Namir stalking through the wilderness.

Namir is stalking through the wild areas in our backyard, looking for some little mammal to kill.

Cookie and I have been out in the yard every morning and sometimes again during the day. Cookie got herself up on the picnic table yesterday while I hung up the laundry, and she sat and quietly looked into this area for quite some time. There are times she does this and I know she’s deep in her tortie cat thoughts, and times when I know she’s remembering our buddy, that gray and white pest and mole killer, Namir. In these moments she may even forgive him for pulling her tail and poking her in the butt, then trotting away, giggling.

I was thinking about him too and how the three of us went outside every morning, so both of us must have sensed him out there. I remembered this photo and thought I’d share it, from me and Cookie.

It also shows we haven’t always been a two-tortie-and-five-black-cat-house!

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