Crochet Testers Working Hard

three cats on crocheted item

Professional Crochet Testers

Good thing I finished this top at just the right moment! My crochet testers were ready to get to work.

Mr. Sunshine isn’t a typical tester, but I think his mom is trying to soften his man-cat edge a little. Cookie is always ready to participate in anything I do, and at one point I was crocheting around her. Apparently it passed their rigorous testing because they slept on it for several hours.

Of course, Kelly, my lead crochet tester, gave it a test when I began the project. If it had not passed her test at that point I certainly would not have continued.

What is it about cats and crocheted things?! And people who crochet and cats?! We must be a natural combination.

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8 Comments on “Crochet Testers Working Hard”

  1. adorable…absolutely love seeing you kitty cat pics…they are so relaxed and zen about life…

  2. Wazeau says:

    I wish I could finish a crochet project around here. My two will not allow me to use yarn anywhere in their vicinity. It does make for a fun playtime though!

    • animalartist says:

      If the Fantastic Four didn’t have each other, I’d have to crochet outside! I kind of redirect them to play with each other when I need to, and that goes for a lot of other activities too.

  3. I came her for the cat photo. What a cute pic. And your post is wonderful too. Thanks!

  4. Susan Mullen says:

    Bernadette, your stitches are even and your choice of colors is excellent. The cats are showing their approval. Everyone who does needlework needs at least one tester, and you are privileged to have several!

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