Cookie Contemplates a Rainy Morning

tortie cat with blue rocker

Cookie contemplates next to her turquoise rocker.

Cookie sits on her footstool quietly contemplating as the rain softly falls on her back yard.

The misty morning cools the colors and flattens the dimensions, but Cookie and her turquoise rocker are always vivid.

Rain had fallen all night and though there were slight puddles on the steps and her big flagstone at the bottom were wet, not to mention the dripping grass, Cookie still did her morning wander down the steps and stood on her lookout point, nibbled some grass and explored a little further. I think the light rain felt good on her—it certainly did on me.

Eventually she decided she was damp enough and joined me on the deck messing around with plants. Stepping onto her footstool she took one last look into her beloved morning back yard before stepping one more step up onto the woven seat for a little bath and nap while I sat on the swing to finish my coffee. A perfect way to start the day.


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8 Comments on “Cookie Contemplates a Rainy Morning”

  1. Cookie looks like a sweetheart and I love the turquoise on that rocker!

  2. CATachresis says:

    Love the photo 🙂 contemplative is the right word!

  3. Ingrid King says:

    What a lovely photo. Cookie looks wonderful!

  4. Ah, Cookie looks so thoughtful.I love all those lines in the photo and they mirror the lines in Cookie’s coat Nice. Thanks for sharing.

    • animalartist says:

      Katie, I do love all the geometry of my deck furniture, and it really sets off Cookie here, and also plants and flowers and baskets of vegetables. It’s neat in black and white too. Thanks for visiting!

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