The Lesson of the Paws and Tails

black cat paws and tails on keyboard

Paws and Tails for a Reason

Well, if I have to spend a whole nice Saturday inside at least I’m in good company. Mimi and Mewsette stretched out on my desk and draped appendages over the keyboard. I tried to move their legs and tails but they only ended up back where they started, so I ended up typing between them for a while. I’ve been typing for many years, this was just another test to see how well I know my keyboard. Honestly, many of the letters and punctuation are worn off, so it doesn’t really matter anyway!

But I think Mimi and Mewsette had a message for me: “It’s a nice Saturday, you should stop work and go do something else.” Perhaps it’s just my regret speaking—Cookie and I were out in the wet grass this morning photographing leftover raindrops, and I really did try to get back out there, but there was just too much to do today.

It’s one of the reasons I let my cats walk all over my desk, so that they will interrupt me and make me take little breaks, but I guess I don’t always get the big message. Thanks for trying girls. I’ll listen next time!

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2 Comments on “The Lesson of the Paws and Tails”

  1. You do deserve a break every now and then! Perhaps you can take Sunday off and spend some time with the girls. 🙂

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